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Know Your Product: Comparing 3 Types of EVAC Chairs

Statistics show that an average of 5,750 fires occur in healthcare facilities every year, putting the already sick, injured, and otherwise weak at serious risk. EMS teams are experts at reacting and providing treatment in a crisis, but they themselves rely on invaluable tools to administer aid to those in need.


Since the first step in an emergency related to fire is to evacuate the building, the primary tools used are EMS chairs, specifically Evac Chairs. Let’s take a look at three different types of these evacuation chairs to determine just what sets them apart from each other.


  • EVAC CHAIR 300H: The 300H is the simplest form of the Evac Chair. Its lightweight yet stable 19lb design ensures it can transport those who may not be able to go up or down the stairs on their own. The 300H only requires one operator, and boasts features like: a 400lb weight capacity, dual-position seat, with a bold and fire-resistant blue and yellow hammock seat. The friction tracks guarantee that the descent is a smooth ride for everyone involved.


  • EVAC CHAIR 600H: The 600H model incorporates two carry handles, allowing for two-person operation in locations where access may be more difficult. No two evacuation situations are going to be alike: building layouts, people, and the level of emergency all change depending on the call. If you’re looking for an Evac Chair that can safely and swiftly handle more complex situations, the 600H is your best bet.


  • EVAC CHAIR 700H: The 700H, also known as the IBEX Tran-Seat transport stair chair, eliminates the need to lift the mobility impaired individual. Though it requires two people to operate, the Ibex 700H reduces the physical demands associated with evacuating someone down a set of stairs (such as hernia, muscle strain, and back injury); it’s also lightweight and small enough to maneuver tight spaces like spiral staircases.


Knowing which chair to choose depends on a multitude of factors, all of which emergency responders are trained to assess.


If you work in emergency services and are interested in acquiring any of these Evac Chairs, contact us today for Evac Chair prices. We are happy to beat any competitor Evac Chair prices: if you find a better price on a like-for-like product, please give us a call.

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