Company's Portable Emergency Evacuation Chairs Now in Wanaque, N.J. School District

(Lake Success, NY) – September 8, 2010 -- Students are back in school and Evac+Chair® North America reminds all public school districts, private schools, and colleges and universities throughout the United States that September is National Campus Fire Safety Month. Rich Perl, vice president of business development for Evac+Chair® North America, based in Lake Success, New York, stresses the importance of making sure all occupants can get out safely and quickly in the event of a fire or other emergency in multi-story school buildings.

"Anyone can become incapacitated in an emergency and need assistance getting out of a multi-story building, including a high school, a dormitory or college library," explained Perl. "Young people can develop anxiety attacks, someone recovering from an injury or surgery might not be able to negotiate stairs that day, or an older visitor could be unsteady on his feet. The Evac+Chair® simply unfolds and can ferry a person to safety by just one person," he added.

Perl noted that the Wanaque public school district in northern New Jersey is a new customer that has purchased the firm's emergency evacuation chairs for its Wanaque and Haskell schools. "We commend the Wanaque school district for upgrading its life safety measures in concert with recent security upgrades," said Perl. "There are now Evac+Chairs® mounted on the second floor of both schools to help disabled students, faculty and visitors reach safety when the elevators are not available, especially during fire emergencies."

The Evac+Chair's® lightweight portability and narrow profile give it a distinct advantage over other evacuation devices. It allows first responders and other building occupants to pass without interference on crowded stairwells, and its unique patented design makes it easy enough for just one person to operate. Perl added that the Evac+Chair® was instrumental in the rescue of several disabled building occupants during the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Evac+Chair® North America has placed the evacuation chairs in theatres and stadiums, hospitals and nursing homes, office buildings and hotels throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Many public school districts, state universities and private colleges are among the educational facilities using Evac+Chairs®.

With National Campus Fire Safety Month and the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in September, and Fire Safety Month in October, Perl advises the managers and owners of public facilities and multi-story apartment and office buildings to make life safety a priority this fall. "It only takes a few minutes for a tragedy to occur," noted Perl. "On September 11, 2001, we all learned how important it is to get people out of buildings efficiently so that first responders can do their jobs."

For more information about the Evac+Chair®, go to www.evac-chair.com or contact Rich Perl of Evac+Chair® North America, LLC at (516) 502-4240 or sales@evac-chair.com.


The Evac+Chair® was developed in 1982 and is the worldwide industry standard in lightweight, portable evacuation chairs. Today the company sells internationally to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities, and residential and commercial high-rise buildings—any multi-story building where any tenant or occupant who needs help for any reason can get down the stairs to safety. Its narrow profile allows first responders and other building occupants to ascend or descend staircases during an emergency without interference, and its unique design allows most able-bodied users to assist anyone with mobility impairments or other conditions in need of help with relative ease.