News » New Angle Extends Possibilities for EVAC+CHAIR®

EVAC+CHAIR® has just increased the angle of descent capabilities of its EVAC+CHAIR® emergency evacuation chair by a crucial 2° so that it now has an operating angle of 40°.

This new product development not only sets a new benchmark that exceeds building regulations, but widens the application of the chair so that those with steeper stairs typically found in the domestic housing sector or in period buildings, can now benefit from the EVAC+CHAIR® as an emergency evacuation solution for the mobility impaired.

The 26 year proven Evac+Chair® can be operated safely and effortlessly at this angle enabling a single user to evacuate a person with mobility difficulties quickly and easily using continuous belts to provide controlled descent over stair nosings in proportion to passenger weight. This latest product development follows hard on the heels of an increase in the weight capabilities of the EVAC+CHAIR® from 300 lbs to 330 lbs during 2006, underlining its position at the forefront of its market.