News » Evac+Chair® Shows Patient Transporter at NFPA SHOW

June 2009

Evac+Chair® Shows Patient Transporter at NFPA SHOW

The innovative IBEX Transeat patient transporter from Evac+Chair® North America was introduced at this year's NFPA conference in chicago.

The IBEX Transeat is a stair climber and stair descender that grips the stairs and controls the rate of descent with an adjustable braking system.

Not only does the IBEX Transeat appeal to the rescue services, but it also now plays a valuable part in aircraft passenger handling and high rise buildings.

With approximately 15 minutes training any individual should achieve the necessary competency to operate the IBEX Transeat safely and within their capabilities without fear of causing injury to themselves or the patient. The device will ascend(go up) a stair with the application of minimal force by two operators. The patient is never elevated above ground level and is never in danger of falling off the Transeat.

For buildings a simple wall bracket ensures it is always ready for use. It can also accomodate staircases designed with over a 45-degree angle of descent, quarter landings, carpeted stairs and obstacles such as doorframes and storm guards.