EVAC+CHAIR® Comes to the "Rescue" and Assists West Point Military Cadets in Engineering Project

(Lake Success, NY) – May 27, 2010 -- On May 6th, the CBS Radio Network announced that several West Point cadet engineers created an evacuation device for use in the Statue of Liberty. (http://www.1010wins.com/

They have Evac+Chair® North America to thank for the input that helped them develop their own evacuation device.

Rich Perl, vice president of business development for Evac+Chair® North America received a call from a West Point cadet who explained he was working on this project for evacuating the crown of the Statue of Liberty. "I offered my assistance as they needed it during their project," said Perl. "During two or three phone calls, I gave the students tips and advice on evacuation chairs." Now the cadets have been recognized for their evacuation device designed to take incapacitated visitors down the steep and narrow spiral staircase from the crown, quickly and safely.

Evac+Chair®, the firm that originated the stairway evacuation chair in 1982, is the world leader in the industry. Evac+Chair® North America, has distribution rights throughout the US, Canada and Mexico; it has placed chairs on Ellis Island, and in NYC hotels, office buildings, stadiums, hospitals and college campuses across the country. Evac+Chair® North America is based out of Lake Success, New York on Long Island.

The cadets' device is a folding chair that can hold up to 350 pounds. Its speed is controlled with pulleys operated by two rescuers. "We have a model, the IBEX 700H, that can go down and up stairs which makes it unusual, as most evacuation chairs only go down stairs. Like the West Point device, this particular model also requires two people to operate but it holds up to 400 pounds," noted Perl.

The Evac+Chair® played a prominent role in the rescue of several occupants of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. It is lightweight and portable and its narrow profile allows first responders and other building occupants to pass safely without interference on stairwells during an emergency. Most Evac+Chair® models are designed for one person to operate safely and can hold 400 pounds.

For more information or to interview Rich Perl for a follow-up story about the evacuation device, please call Christine McIndoe of The DSM Group at (201) 485-7779 or email christine@thedsmgroup.com.