We're excited to introduce our newsletter.

It has been quite a busy time for us this past year as we were assisting our clients after super storms, earthquakes, power outages and terrorist threats. Helping people and increasing safety is our mission and, as always, we want to assist with and supply solutions before these terrible events happen. Many of us tend to think about prevention, but only after it is too late.

Our plan for this year's newsletters are to cover things in our industry that are both educational and (hopefully) interesting. Our main focus is to keep you in the loop of any situations or news events which could possibly occur in your facility. We hope that our updates will help you to make good preemptive decisions for the safe evacuation of your occupants if/when the need arises.

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Hotels and casinos are two major facilities that can have complicated and often, ill-equipped, evacuations. This article discusses a threatening incident that occurred in a Vegas casino this past month and reminds us of a few terrible hotel fires from the past.

"LAS VEGAS (AP) - Officials say an overheated ventilation motor in Las Vegas' Excalibur casino caused a smoky smell and an evacuation in the wee hours [Tuesday] morning..."

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Another important facility that can be problematic during evacuations are schools. A student in a wheelchair was left to wait in the building during a fire drill. The article states:

"When the alarms went off at New Rochelle High School, senior Jennifer Feltenstein watched her math classmates, and just about everyone else, get ushered outside. Feltenstein, who has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair, was stuck behind on the third floor with her aide and a security guard while firefighters responded to smoking wires near another part of the building..."

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EVAC+CHAIR® International recently conducted a survey with 100 human resource directors about evacuation procedures and safety that revealed some pretty alarming results.

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Welcome to the 2nd issue of EVAC+CHAIR®'s quarterly e-newsletter.

We are excited you're on board with us. Helping people and increasing safety is EVAC+CHAIR®'s mission. In each newsletter you can look forward to receiving:

  • The latest news on EVAC+CHAIR®
  • Evacuation plan & safety tips
  • Inspirational stories about how EVAC+CHAIR® came to the rescue
  • And much more!

We are proud of our product and want to create awareness about it starting with you. We hope you'll spread the word to your colleagues about us. Our goal is that one day all hospitals, high-rise buildings, large venues and cruise ships, will have an EVAC+CHAIR®. Our hope is that it never has to be used, but if the need arises we are proud that people will have access to the best evacuation chair on the market.


EVAC+CHAIR® Has a New Web Site

EVAC+CHAIR® North America stays up to date with the best evacuation products available and our Web site is no different. We now have a new online look thanks to the new Web site we launched earlier in the summer. The new site looks great, showcases our products more clearly, and has more interactive opportunities for readers.

You can sign up to receive our e-newsletter and see what's new from EVAC+CHAIR®--including valuable information about emergency evacuation procedures, where to find EVAC+CHAIR® products and accessories, and important updates about our industry.

The new Web site also allows visitors to share their personal stories about how the EVAC+CHAIR® helped them reach safety during an emergency. Look for the "Tell Us Your EVAC+CHAIR® Story" link at the top of each page. EVAC+CHAIR® is the leading emergency evacuation chair that assists mobility-impaired individuals to get down the stairs or out of a facility quickly and safely. We want to hear from real users as to how EVAC+CHAIR® helped you, your family or friends.

Trade In and Upgrade Your Chairs

At EVAC+CHAIR® North America, our number one priority is keeping people safe. That's one reason why we are offering a Trade-In & Upgrade Program to help building managers and owners maintain the highest safety standards in their facilities.

We now accept any brand of evacuation chair of any age and in any condition for a trade in, and we will apply a discount towards the most current models we have. In fact, we are so committed to life safety that EVAC+CHAIR® North America now has a subsidy program for corporations and municipalities to ensure their building occupants' safety. By trading in their old evacuation chairs for new models, facility managers can meet their accessibility requirements and improve life safety for all building occupants.

After all, it doesn't take much to render someone incapacitated and unable to get down the stairs on their own in an emergency ... and now EVAC+CHAIR® is making it easier for our customers to stock the most updated equipment available on every floor. EVAC+CHAIR® has saved lives and has assisted in emergency evacuations in hospitals, nursing homes and senior living communities; on cruise ships; in theaters, arenas and stadiums; in hotels, office buildings and apartment buildings -- anywhere there are stairs that could pose a barrier to anyone who is disabled or mobility-impaired for any reason.

ADA Celebrates 20 Years of Advocacy

Twenty years ago, the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed and became law. EVAC+CHAIR® heralds this crucial legislation that is meant to guarantee full access throughout buildings for everyone. However, in spite of the enormous strides made by the ADA over the past 20 years, there are still compliance issues as well as barriers to full and equal access for everyone in many public buildings.

For example, while multi-story buildings might have elevators, there is no equal access (or egress ability) for wheelchair users when the elevator is out of service. This is especially crucial during an emergency that requires evacuation. When there is smoke, fire, excessive heat, water or a power outage, the elevator does nothing to get disabled people to safety. In fact, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate recently wrote the following message on CNN.com:

'Are disabled still at risk in disasters?' "One of my top priorities in my first year at FEMA has been to transform the way the emergency management community thinks about integrating this vital population. From day one, we have challenged every member of our leadership team to start integrating the needs of people with disabilities into every step of planning. In February, we established the Office of Disability Integration and Coordination. We are working with disability advocates to incorporate the needs of people with disabilities into emergency communications and public alert systems, evacuations, transportation and medical equipment supply plans." Read the full article here.

9/11 Anniversary Was Important Reminder

As the ninth anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 has passed, EVAC+CHAIR® reminds everyone of how, even before 9/11, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey provided egress for disabled occupants of the Twin Towers by making our emergency evacuation chairs available. The Port Authority had purchased 125 EVAC+CHAIR®s after the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and on September 11, 2001, several occupants were evacuated safely by co-workers using the EVAC+CHAIR®.

One of the most compelling stories is that of John Abruzzo, who was carried to safety from the 69th floor in an EVAC+CHAIR® before firemen even reached him [see "A Day to Remember," November 2001]. Abruzzo wrote a letter of gratitude to David Egen, inventor of EVAC+CHAIR®, in which he praised the chair's ease of operation for the people who helped get him out of the building.

Of course, it doesn't take the disaster level of the Twin Towers attack to remember the crucial importance of getting all occupants out of a multi-story building safely. Any situation that requires an emergency evacuation means there is the need for an emergency evacuation chair. We urge facility managers to think ahead and to think of all aspects of life safety. Keep EVAC+CHAIR® on site and keep all your occupants safe!

Thank you for your interest in EVAC+CHAIR®. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter.

Your safety specialists at EVAC+CHAIR®