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3000 Marcus Ave
Suite #3E6
Lake Success, NY

Tel: (516) 502-4240
Fax: (516) 327-8220


Note: Volume pricing and leasing options are available. Contact us for more information.

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EVAC+CHAIR® is a proprietary product of EVAC+CHAIR® North America LLC and is its sole source in North America.

For European sales and service contact EVAC+CHAIR® International Ltd.: sales@evacchair.co.uk

We maintain an extensive inventory and generally ship within five days of receipt of order. Please include your street address and ZIP or Postal Code on each order.
Evacuaid Emergency

The next generation Personal Safety System

Not only the world’s first intelligent emergency bracelet, but also the most intuitive and easy-to use personal alert system ever designed. Evacuaid PRO is highly suitable for professionals in industry and for employees responsible for the safety of others. Being a stand alone system, it also provides enhanced personal safety at home or when travelling.
Evacuaid PRO is completely autonomous of any other devices, users need only a minute to understand all functions. It is maintenance free and always ready to use in an emergency. Evacuaid PRO is watertight and built to withstand extreme external applications.