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Why we need Evac+Chairs

Evac+Chair Switzerland offer a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway ascent and descent during an emergency throughout Europe. With a variety of high-performance stairway evacuation chairs and sleds for patients of all needs, we have something for everyone. Single-user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures — you can’t go wrong. All of our evacuation chairs even come with a lifetime warranty because we stand behind our commitment to customer satisfaction and truly believe that our product is second to none.

In the event of an emergency such as a fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or something as simple as a power outage, elevators should not be used in multi-story buildings, therefore people with a disability or who are injured may become trapped. Evac+Chair Switzerland’s highly innovative evacuation chair is the perfect solution; it is a lightweight and easy-to-use evacuation stair chair which glides effortlessly down stairways to assist with the quick and safe removal of people who are mobility impaired across Europe.

The Evac+Chair is wall mounted and folds away discreetly making it the perfect solution to ensure your business is compliant with the latest health, safety and fire regulations.

When you need emergency evacuation equipment you can rely on, look no further than Evac+Chair Switzerland for innovative solutions that are designed to save lives across Europe. Contact us for more information regarding our stairway evacuation chair solutions and to see how we can help you prepare in the case of an emergency evacuation situation.

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