Rapid and safe evacuation for people with mobility problems in an emergency

With several models available, our emergency evacuation sleds provide rapid and safe evacuation for people who are mobility impaired. Our sleds can be used in any situation where a patient needs to be prepared for quick evacuation. Designed for use in multi-story buildings and confined spaces, when it’s unsafe to use an elevator, our emergency evacuation sleds help people to safety and require no heavy lifting or carrying. We stand behind our products and are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why all of our patient transport sleds come with a lifetime warranty.

Let us help you prepare for emergency evacuations. View our selection of patient transport sled models below! 

The ULTI-MAT is designed to be small and compact as well as being very hard wearing and is available in standard and bariatric sizes.

The ResQMe enables carers to rapidly and safely evacuate people with mobility problems in an emergency. 

The Rescue Sheet is widely accepted as a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of non-ambulatory patients during emergency situations.