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How long does it take to learn how to use an Evac+Chair® evacuation chair?

How long does it take to learn how to use an Evac+Chair evacuation chair?

Evac+Chairs are simple and easy to use. Instructions are always available with our evacuation chairs. We provide an instruction booklet, and we print the usage instructions on our evacuation chairs to ensure a reference is always available.

If your Evac+Chair® has been purchased with a specific individual in mind, ask them if they are happy to try the evacuation chair themselves. This will help build both the operator and passengers confidence in the process, and help alleviate any anxiety both of you may be feeling prior to use.

Once you have the learned knowledge of how to use an Evac+Chair®, it is important to keep the skill set refreshed. When fire drills are being completed it is important to use the evacuation chair to familiarize yourself with its use and suitability for the evacuation route you plan to take.

Even though you may already be fluent with the use of the Evac+Chair® and its operation, personnel can change, for example student or workplace populations. In these situations, it is always worth reviewing the effectiveness of your current evacuation chair, and whether it meets the needs of the individual as well as the general population.