Frequently asked questions

How strong does a buddy need to be to use the Evac Chair®?

How long does it take to learn how to use an Evac+Chair evacuation chair?

Using an evacuation chair requires confidence and relying on the Evac+Chair® to do what it does best, grip on the stair edges. When familiarizing yourself with using the Evac+Chair®, it is important that you start with a lower weight and build confidence by increasing the weight with use and practice.

Clear instructions are available on all Evac+Chair® evacuation chairs enabling operators to have a visual reference if how to use their specific model of evacuation chair.

Elements of using an evacuation chair can also be practiced without anyone present. Deployment and storing an Evac+Chair® can be easily practiced on the spot. If you are unsure we would urge you to practice using the evacuation chair with no one to see how it works, and build the weight up over time to ensure you are happy and confident using the Evac+Chair®.

2+Person operated Evac+Chairs may require lifting when ascending stairs. It is important when using this evacuation chair that you have a strategy for who will operate this due to the strength that may be required.