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"We are involved in accessibility because we believe in its capacity to catalyze an inclusive world for everyone."

Level Playing Field provide a full range of accessibility consulting services helping architects, designers, engineers, builders, managers, developers and government organizations implement Universal Design principles and accessible best practices. They collaborate with other key organizations, such as Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Deaf & Hear Alberta, Calgary Ability Network, Autism Society and seniors’ organizations, to name a few.

Level Playing Field are a consulting agency that provides innovative Universal Design solutions based on the social model of disability. Their expertise in national and international building codes and accessibility standards and site auditing is complemented by their ability to conduct extensive qualitative research and stakeholder engagement.

Level Playing Field apply a social justice framework to their evaluations and accessible best practice recommendations for all urban environments including education, health care, residential, commercial, recreational, retail, and entertainment events among many other spaces. More than ensuring buildings and events comply with legal accessibility standards, Level Playing Field strive to elevate conversations beyond accessible built environments and provide thought leadership around inclusive social policies, programs and guidelines.

Their work stems from the belief that all future and existing environments should be accessible by everyone, regardless of age, ability or circumstance. Until you experience a disability—permanent or temporarily—it is hard to imagine what a challenge it can be to just get around. Level Playing Field are proud to be industry leaders in our training, and in bringing an unparalleled level of lived experience and passion to every project they are involved in.