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What features make for the perfect evacuation chair? 

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An evacuation chair is a critical safety tool in any multistoried building.  

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Everyone wonders who requires an evacuation chair. Well, an EVAC+CHAIR® can help anyone with reduced mobility, including the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, the infirmed and persons with challenges going up or down stairs. In your search you will find a few options for evacuation stair chairs. 

Here are the signs to look for when purchasing a life-saving mobility stair chair. 

#1 Lightweight yet has a high weight capacity   

These mobility aids/devices are different to stairlifts, they are a platform that is designed to carry a wheelchair up/down a level while the person remains seated in their wheelchair, they are usually found in commercial buildings vs stair lifts which are more common in residential homes.

#2 It’s safe   

An Evac+Chair® should be of sturdy materials and engineered to perfection. Additionally, it should be a controlled speed of descent downstairs. Should include Locking rear wheels, minimum of three safety strapsmounting bracket, dust cover, user guide, instructional DVD. 

#3 Easily trainable  

You do not want an evacuation stair chair that is challenging to use. An evacuation chair must be easily trainable. Included training material user guide, DVD in any purchase of an Evac+Chair®. 

#4 Compactly stored  

An Evac+Chair® should be foldable with a low profile when mounted. It should include the wall mount along with a vinyl dust cover with an identifying logo on the outside, so you can place it near the emergency exit or staircase.  

#5 Carries a ‘Lifetime Warranty’  

Any manufacturer should stand behind their product with a “Lifetime Warranty” to give you confidence in parts and mechanism. They should also offer excellent customer service in case you have questions or need to replace or repair your device. 

#6 Long positive history and successful record in emergencies   

An Evac+Chair® is likely to be a good pick if has been around for 40 years. Used by high profile customers and has never had a product failure or recall. It is recommended to check the manufacturers references before you place an order. 

If you are in the market for the perfect EVACUATION STAIR CHAIR, look no further than Evac+Chair®, the world’s #1 evacuation chair for 40 years. 

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